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2023 Curriculum At a Glance...


Give me the DETAILS Sis!

Tuesday Tea Time

Every Tuesday, you will receive a video teaching from Dr. Shanicka as you journey through the Her Daily Journal (12 monthly journals with a new topic each month).

You will then have the opportunity to discuss via small group online chat a thought provoking question each week with your fellow classmates that will help you to APPLY the Biblical concept to your own life! Tuesday Tea Time encourages you to go DEEPER!

Thursday Set Me ABLAZE!

These are our IGNITING CLASSES that are designed to SET YOU ON FIRE for the Lord! We will cover topics like Spiritual Warfare, Power of the Holy Spirit, Deliverance & Inner Healing, Financing the Kingdom, The Voice of God, Miracles, Signs & Wonders and MORE!

Every Thursday morning you will receive a video teaching from Dr.Shanicka and we meet LIVE in our small group Thursday evenings! There are seven 6 week modules.

Saturday Morning

Coffee with the Girls

These Saturday mornings are LIKE NO OTHER! We are bringing this back by popular demand as most of our leadership team grew spiritually in the Lord EXPONENTIALLY in these sessions! They are completely HOLY SPIRIT lead, teaching us to rely solely on Him for what He wants us to discuss. In this space, you are able to just let your hair down for some unabridged girl time, be encouraged, comforted and edified, learn how to hear the voice of the Lord CLEARLY and so much more!

Glad you asked!

What is Discipleship?

Discipleship is the condition or situation of being a disciple, a follower, or a student of Christ. Our goal with the School of Discipleship is to help believers GROW in their spiritual maturity in Christ, being ROOTED in His word, becoming active DOERS of His word, and operating in the POWER of His word so that we can not only receive all that Christ paid for, but also so that we may bring other people into deeper relationship with Christ Jesus!

Pace Setter Monthly Member

The Pace Setter Enrollment is open for students who wish to pay on a monthly basis. You can join and cancel at anytime.

Although this is a monthly membership, our expectation is that you will spend the year with us as we love to grow in community consistently, watching as we grow in the Lord TOGETHER!

Those who have benefited the most from previous classes are those who gave the Lord their commitment and stuck with the process! This is not a "get fixed quick" ministry. We are in it for the FRUIT of the Spirit to be developed in you, which takes time!


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